Hanson Ink, Inc., specializes in writing, editing, and design for the publishing industry. We provide high-quality work for magazines, reports, books, white papers, blogs, newsletters, and newspapers. Hanson Ink, Inc., collaborates with  technical experts, writers, editors, statisticians, photographers, designers, printers, and artists to produce skillfully edited projects, original design, and concise writing. Our work includes editing and writing for reports and white papers for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, book editing for the Jones & Bartlett Learning Series, editorial management and business writing for ASAP Media and Strategic Alliance Quarterly, and editing and writing for the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine alumni magazine.  



Hanson Ink, Inc., specializes in business and technical writing on topics such as strategic alliances, ecosystem change, multi-industry partnering, payment security, and technology breakthroughs. We write about companies such as Cisco Systems, Google, Verizon, NVIDIA, Xerox Worldwide, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, IBM, and Salesforce. Cynthia B. Hanson's business writing regularly appear in Strategic Alliance Magazine, produced by the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. A former journalist, her  articles also have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Tribute, Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer, and other esteemed publications. She has ghostwritten and authored two books.


Hanson Ink, Inc., collaborates with highly skilled editors familiar with cutting-edge business practices, data security, technology, healthcare, and other trending topics. Founder Cynthia B. Hanson is the managing editor of ASAP Media and Strategic Alliance Magazine (Quarterly). Past editing projects include editorial management of ASAP Media and Strategic Alliance Magazine, Verizon's annual payment security report and white papers, technical books in the Jones & Bartlett Learning's Information Systems Security & Assurance Series, such as "Fundamentals of Communication and Networking," "Advanced Photovoltaic Installations," and Dr. Kris Jamsa's "Introduction to Web Development Using HTML 5." 


Having difficulty getting your own project started? We offer consultation services to help you publish your own book, white paper, article, magazine, and/or report. Hanson Ink, Inc., can assist with your writing, editing, design, proofing, social media, and printing needs to make your ideas become a reality from start to finish. Owner Cynthia B. Hanson is an award-winning art director, who received two awards of excellence from the Society of Newspaper Design.

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